Hours - 7:00PM to 3:00AM
Set fee 1 hour - 600 pesos (woman 400 pesos), including nomination fee, drinks and karaoke
Additional Nomination fee - 1 hour 300 pesos
Extension charge - 1 hour 600 pesos
Drink - beer, whiskey, rum, shochu, rum, soft drinks
modifier: barley tea, calamansi
Cast drink - 200 pesos
Accompanied Rates - 1000 pesos (first hour only) ※ please enter before 20:30

Credit card is available

Request System


Regarding nomination of cast, please let us know if you have decided which cast to be nominated. Customers who are not determined can designate browsing (show up) of all casts and all cast members will visit your table and wait for nomination.


Cast nominated will be hosted at your table. We will sign with you for duet songs, we will do "ringing assist (tambourine · maracas · clap)" next to you.